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Blogs catching on for BDO in the UK

This is cool: BDO Stoy Hayward‘s Managing Partner Jeremy Newman has a blog.

It’s no surprise he was voted Accountancy Age’s Personality of the Year – this guy is switched on. I think it goes without saying – and it’s a constant theme for my fellow accountant bloggers – that we need more folks at the top catching the blogging fever.

My comments echo those of Dennis Howlett, made last week when a journalist at the British Accountancy Age shone the spotlight on Newman’s blog.

BDO in the UK is sizzling these days. And with a Managing Partner this in tune with technology, it’s not hard to see why.

Accounting Blogs

Now that’s a niche

There’s a particular blog that only discusses the idea that accounting firms, and indeed all professional services firms, should “trash the timesheet” and implement “value pricing.”

The basic concept is sound: Timesheets treat the chargeable hour as the measure of the firm’s services’ value, which distorts its true value to the client and further commoditizes the work we do. Value pricing looks at our services from the client’s point of view and tries to determine what the work is worth to them, and pricing to that.

But it just occurred to me that this blog has such a small niche. It’s a firm’s blog, and they’re definitely leading the charge for value pricing for professional services, but I can’t help but wonder if they’re eventually going to run out of stuff to blog about!


Using MySpace to market professional accounting services

David Rachford has floated the novel (to say the least) idea of marketing a public accounting firm using

For the last couple weeks – I’ve been wondering – With becoming the most popular website in the world – does that matter to me? (I don’t have a myspace account – thank you) but many companies do have them. In fact, my colleague’s assistant is in a band which recently went on tour, and they promoted their tour almost exclusively through

It’s a crazy idea, but those kinds of ideas have a habit of working well. The mayor of my city, Toronto, has his own MySpace page, as does my favourite Canadian cultural icon, George Stroumboulopoulos. The site works well for personalities as well as bands, but how would it work for accounting firms?

I quick search for ‘accountant’ yields some people who are accountants, but no one seems to be using the site to market their services just yet.

So in that spirit, I went ahead and signed up for MySpace. Over the next few weeks I’m going explore it in-depth in the context of marketing professional accounting services. And if you’ve already got a MySpace account, add me as a friend!


Busy season comes to an end!

I celebrated the end of accountants’ busy season last night with our firm’s annual “tax party”, which was held at a local watering hole and we had an entire section reserved for us. Free drinks and free food, it was a heck of a night. Great way to celebrate a job well done from January through April.

Taxes are due this Monday because April 30 of course falls on a Sunday this year. I’ve had mine done for a few weeks now, waiting on a big refund due to all my carried forward education and tuition tax credits. I need the influx to pay for all the unpaid time off I’ll be taking this summer to study for the dreaded UFE!

Congratulations to my fellow Canadian accountant bloggers and all the accountants out there for making it through!