Using MySpace to market professional accounting services

David Rachford has floated the novel (to say the least) idea of marketing a public accounting firm using

For the last couple weeks – I’ve been wondering – With becoming the most popular website in the world – does that matter to me? (I don’t have a myspace account – thank you) but many companies do have them. In fact, my colleague’s assistant is in a band which recently went on tour, and they promoted their tour almost exclusively through

It’s a crazy idea, but those kinds of ideas have a habit of working well. The mayor of my city, Toronto, has his own MySpace page, as does my favourite Canadian cultural icon, George Stroumboulopoulos. The site works well for personalities as well as bands, but how would it work for accounting firms?

I quick search for ‘accountant’ yields some people who are accountants, but no one seems to be using the site to market their services just yet.

So in that spirit, I went ahead and signed up for MySpace. Over the next few weeks I’m going explore it in-depth in the context of marketing professional accounting services. And if you’ve already got a MySpace account, add me as a friend!

6 thoughts on “Using MySpace to market professional accounting services

  1. Am very interested to see if this works. My guess is that there are not so many people looking on MySpace for professional services. However, it only takes one client to provide positive ROI.

    Best of luck,
    Dick Larkin
    Commando in Chief
    Small Business Commando News

  2. Someone’s gotta be able to harness all the eyeballs these types of sites attract, but I don’t think it’s going to be an accountant! ;)

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