Mid-busy season update

I’ve been very busy the past week at a job out of town, which continues this week. Blog posts have slowed to a trickle again.

It’s the first job I’ve been on that is away from home, but it hasn’t been too bad and the hours we’ve been working aren’t excessive for busy season. There are definite perks to traveling for work, like expensing meals and lots of socializing outside of work.

As for getting my CA, I should be hearing back soon from the ICAO that I’ve met all the requirements. I think in general they meet monthly to accept new members, so it could be pretty quick.

The two weeks after this one I’m back in town working on a new client that I lobbied hard to get scheduled on. I’m looking forward to it! Making a good impression for the firm, giving great client service, and meeting new people.

There’s also the annual CA Dinner Dance (or “CA ball” as it’s known in my circles) next weekend, which will be a good chance to catch up with some co-workers I haven’t seen in a while and celebrate with the 2007 UFE passers as it’s really their evening. Their convocation ceremony is earlier in the day.

Busy season has been going well so far, very manageable. I’m really looking forward to taking a nice vacation in May though!


Busy season, what is it good for?

Turns out, six things.

I’ve been very busy lately at work. It’d be depressing to write a post about how crappy that is, so I’m going to write about what’s good about it:

  1. Seeing co-workers more frequently. It’s the nature of the business that I don’t see them very often, but during busy season I find myself heading back to the office when the client closes shop at 5pm. I’m not alone.
  2. Free food. I can’t work more to earn more with no overtime pay, but I can work more to pay less for necessities. Dinner is usually ordered at the office around 7-8pm.
  3. Hours. One of the experience requirements on the road to a CA is certain requirements to work so many audit, review, compilation and tax hours. During busy season, hours are plentiful.
  4. Avoiding rush hour traffic. You start early and end late, so the roads are pretty good when you’re on them. That really helps on the snow days.
  5. Winter. It’s the worst months of the year that you’re cooped up inside, and things are really laid back through the summer. If it has to be this way at some time of the year, they picked the best time.
  6. New faces around the office. We get new Co-op students each January, and older Co-ops start full time. The office is full of life.

There. That was a lot better than complaining.


My busy season has begun in earnest

Busy season is upon me and I’m up to my eyeballs in work. It’s Friday night but I’m relaxing at home, trying to chill out and prepare for a full day at the office tomorrow. Got out early tonight, at a mere 6:30pm!

Needless to say it’s affecting my blogging frequency. And hearing about lunch time outdoors ice skating at Nathan Phillips Square isn’t helping dull the roar of airplanes as they land a kilometre away. I’ve spent the past week at an office pretty much at the beginning of the the landing strip at Canada’s busiest airport.

One of the things I’ve learned since beginning this blog nearly 1 year ago is that everyone has busy season at a different time. I just assumed it was January through April for everyone! I figured, many companies have calendar year ends, hence audit season heats up, and income taxes are due in Canada by April 30 (and US taxes due by the 15th that month), so tax season compounds the frenzy.

Anyway, the schedule is booked solid for me through the end of May, but come June I’ll be jetting off somewhere hot and beachy. Until that week (or two), I’ll keep my head down and power through. (Props if you know where that phrase is from.)


Busy season comes to an end!

I celebrated the end of accountants’ busy season last night with our firm’s annual “tax party”, which was held at a local watering hole and we had an entire section reserved for us. Free drinks and free food, it was a heck of a night. Great way to celebrate a job well done from January through April.

Taxes are due this Monday because April 30 of course falls on a Sunday this year. I’ve had mine done for a few weeks now, waiting on a big refund due to all my carried forward education and tuition tax credits. I need the influx to pay for all the unpaid time off I’ll be taking this summer to study for the dreaded UFE!

Congratulations to my fellow Canadian accountant bloggers and all the accountants out there for making it through!