My busy season has begun in earnest

Busy season is upon me and I’m up to my eyeballs in work. It’s Friday night but I’m relaxing at home, trying to chill out and prepare for a full day at the office tomorrow. Got out early tonight, at a mere 6:30pm!

Needless to say it’s affecting my blogging frequency. And hearing about lunch time outdoors ice skating at Nathan Phillips Square isn’t helping dull the roar of airplanes as they land a kilometre away. I’ve spent the past week at an office pretty much at the beginning of the the landing strip at Canada’s busiest airport.

One of the things I’ve learned since beginning this blog nearly 1 year ago is that everyone has busy season at a different time. I just assumed it was January through April for everyone! I figured, many companies have calendar year ends, hence audit season heats up, and income taxes are due in Canada by April 30 (and US taxes due by the 15th that month), so tax season compounds the frenzy.

Anyway, the schedule is booked solid for me through the end of May, but come June I’ll be jetting off somewhere hot and beachy. Until that week (or two), I’ll keep my head down and power through. (Props if you know where that phrase is from.)

3 thoughts on “My busy season has begun in earnest

  1. If it’s any consolation, I start my second stint with the ‘regular’ financial audit crews next week, so you won’t be hearing about many more lunch time skating excursions from me. ;)

  2. Institute – the 650 financial audit hours of the total 2500, I’m more than halfway done already, actually. I’ll be done my stint come March – so not bad at all, really.

    I re-read the requirements and realized that perhaps my regular work might actually qualify for the 650 as well, but I’d rather not try my luck that way mainly b/c it’s a nice change of pace to do something else – even if it’s something I wouldn’t want to do all year long. :)

    And, perhaps more importantly, it’s also a good learning experience to try different things.

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