Mid-busy season update

I’ve been very busy the past week at a job out of town, which continues this week. Blog posts have slowed to a trickle again.

It’s the first job I’ve been on that is away from home, but it hasn’t been too bad and the hours we’ve been working aren’t excessive for busy season. There are definite perks to traveling for work, like expensing meals and lots of socializing outside of work.

As for getting my CA, I should be hearing back soon from the ICAO that I’ve met all the requirements. I think in general they meet monthly to accept new members, so it could be pretty quick.

The two weeks after this one I’m back in town working on a new client that I lobbied hard to get scheduled on. I’m looking forward to it! Making a good impression for the firm, giving great client service, and meeting new people.

There’s also the annual CA Dinner Dance (or “CA ball” as it’s known in my circles) next weekend, which will be a good chance to catch up with some co-workers I haven’t seen in a while and celebrate with the 2007 UFE passers as it’s really their evening. Their convocation ceremony is earlier in the day.

Busy season has been going well so far, very manageable. I’m really looking forward to taking a nice vacation in May though!

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