Canada gets a variety of tax cuts

The Canadian government released a mini-budget this past week that featured serious tax cuts. The GST goes down another point to 5% and the lowest bracket of personal tax is lowered back down to 15%. Corporate taxes continued their downward trajectory. The CICA focused first on the reduction to corporate taxes: “The government’s commitment toContinue reading “Canada gets a variety of tax cuts”

8 quick facts about the principal residence exemption

Continuing the series of “quick facts” posts (see prior ones about the capital gains exemption and the new financial instruments standards), today is all about the principal residence exemption in Canada. Any residence may be designated a principal residence as long as you “ordinarily inhabit” the home. Ordinary inhabitation includes seasonal living such as yourContinue reading “8 quick facts about the principal residence exemption”

My busy season has begun in earnest

Busy season is upon me and I’m up to my eyeballs in work. It’s Friday night but I’m relaxing at home, trying to chill out and prepare for a full day at the office tomorrow. Got out early tonight, at a mere 6:30pm! Needless to say it’s affecting my blogging frequency. And hearing about lunchContinue reading “My busy season has begun in earnest”

Incorporate or not: It’s the investment

A small business usually starts out as a sole proprietorship, owned and operated by the founder personally and reporting business income on their annual personal tax return. But as the business grows, the question of incorporation will always arise, and there are several factors to consider when this happens. The most important single factor, inContinue reading “Incorporate or not: It’s the investment”