List of links to pages with lists of links to accounting blogs

Recently it feels like there has been a sudden discovery of accounting blogs: More Accounting Blogs from Golden Practices’ Michelle Golden Dynamic Linking from Chris Silvey’s Accounting for a Detoured Economist Time to Add These to Your Bookmarks People from The Anonymous Accountant Link list updated from Krupo’s A Counting School There are links toContinue reading “List of links to pages with lists of links to accounting blogs”

Google Analytics is open to all

I’ve been using Google Analytics for a little while now to track my blog’s vital statistics, and it’s a pretty well-rounded package, not that I have anything to compare it to. But to sign up for it, you had to submit your application and then wait for them to let you in, presumably because theyContinue reading “Google Analytics is open to all”

Using MySpace to market professional accounting services

David Rachford has floated the novel (to say the least) idea of marketing a public accounting firm using For the last couple weeks – I’ve been wondering – With becoming the most popular website in the world – does that matter to me? (I don’t have a myspace account – thank you) butContinue reading “Using MySpace to market professional accounting services”

Tangled web they wove

Over at the AAO Weblog, there’s an interesting post concerning the Adelphia fraud and an “enabler”, Scientific-Atlanta, which is now a unit of Cisco. Around August 2000, Adelphia asked Scientific-Atlanta to increase the price of digital cable television set-top boxes it was selling to Adelphia – then kick back the difference to Adelphia in asContinue reading “Tangled web they wove”