List of links to pages with lists of links to accounting blogs

Recently it feels like there has been a sudden discovery of accounting blogs:

There are links to more blogs than those four – these are the ones who have dedicated a blog post to listing the new links or announcing that their blogrolls have been updated.

6 thoughts on “List of links to pages with lists of links to accounting blogs

  1. Hey All,

    I do work in the SR&ED Tax Credit service. I’ve been at it for about three years with RDP Associates based in downtown Toronto. I was wondering if any of the CA’s who read this blog had a commentary on how their clients make use of the program or if they are truely capitalizing on its benifits.

    Any feedback on the topic is appreciated.

    Christopher A. Bodnar

  2. I believe, as a group, accountants are late adopters of technology. After viewing your blog, I was quite surprised that you have good resource in CPA. As a CPA, I myself have kept a personal blog on and off since 2001; however, out of hundreds of entries, only two relate to accounting. I came across your site while researching the idea of starting a weblog dedicated to helping smal business owners understand the fundamentals of accounting.

  3. William, thanks for dropping by! I believe a blog such as the one you describe would be of great help to many small business owners. Good luck with it! :)

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