Using RSS to keep up with your favourite sites

If you want to keep up with this blog but don’t want to have to remember to check back on a regular basis, one option available to you is the RSS feed. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a family of Web feed formats used to publish frequently updated content such as blog entries, news headlinesContinue reading “Using RSS to keep up with your favourite sites”

FreeAgent simplifies small business accounting like no other

Dennis Howlett recently announced a new accounting web app called FreeAgent, which looks pretty cool and seems to be approaching an age-old problem in a new way: All the well known products and services are geared towards people who already understand the fundamentals of book-keeping. Sage, Intuit and others will argue they’ve simplified the userContinue reading “FreeAgent simplifies small business accounting like no other”

Twitter for accounting professionals?

Dennis wrote a post a few days ago about Twitter within “a business context” entitled “The pain of disruption“: I want to DO something with Twitter. The more I think about what Twitter might deliver, the more scary it becomes. Twitter challenges my ingrained notions of how services and value are delivered. In case youContinue reading “Twitter for accounting professionals?”

Google Analytics is open to all

I’ve been using Google Analytics for a little while now to track my blog’s vital statistics, and it’s a pretty well-rounded package, not that I have anything to compare it to. But to sign up for it, you had to submit your application and then wait for them to let you in, presumably because theyContinue reading “Google Analytics is open to all”

Amazon’s 1-click patent to be reexamined

It was recently announced that‘s 1-click payment patent will be reconsidered by the USPTO, but what is so interesting is that it was not filed by one of’s business competitors or by an NPO like the Electronic Frontier Foundation which protects online freedom, but from a New Zealand actor who paid the reexaminationContinue reading “Amazon’s 1-click patent to be reexamined”