Accounting gets a shot of adrenaline

Bill Kennedy’s getting it done at Energized Accounting, a relatively new blog hosted by Google’s Blogger that so far has been host to some inspirational posts for me. The latest is all about a favourite topic of mine, data visualization: If you want effective communications, you have to take responsibility for both the sending andContinue reading “Accounting gets a shot of adrenaline”

How to pick an accountant for your online business

Choosing an accountant for your business is always a delicate endeavour. It’s incredibly important for your accountant to understand your business thoroughly, inside and out, backwards and forward. So, for some non-traditional businesses (i.e. professional blogger), this can be tricky to say the least. A post titled How to pick an accountant for your onlineContinue reading “How to pick an accountant for your online business”

Economist claims accountant obsolescence

An esteemed Princeton economist has predicted that accountants, lawyers and other highly educated and highly paid workers in the developed world will be made obsolete in the near future by lower cost alternatives in the developing world. From the best accountants and lawyers to the smartest derivatives traders to teachers and lecturers, many of today’sContinue reading “Economist claims accountant obsolescence”

Facebook vs. LinkedIn for accounting professionals

Which nascent social network does it better for work-related connections? Facebook is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. LinkedIn is an online network of experienced professionals from around the world, representing 130 industries. By their own definitions, these two utilities target slightly different typesContinue reading “Facebook vs. LinkedIn for accounting professionals”

Spring has sprung for Canadian accountants

May 1 is a special day for Canadians of all types (since it’s the day after taxes are due here), but it’s very special for accountants who’ve spent the past few months first up to their necks in audits (there are many businesses that operate on a calendar year end) and followed that up withContinue reading “Spring has sprung for Canadian accountants”