Accounting gets a shot of adrenaline

Bill Kennedy’s getting it done at Energized Accounting, a relatively new blog hosted by Google’s Blogger that so far has been host to some inspirational posts for me. The latest is all about a favourite topic of mine, data visualization:

If you want effective communications, you have to take responsibility for both the sending and the receiving of the message. You have to take into account how your stakeholders take in messages. Some people are just confused by spreadsheets.

Bill’s a CA and is from Toronto, making him a pretty cool guy right away. But his posts reveal his enthusiasm for helping his clients. He talks a lot about Microsoft Dynamics GP, which a lot of my clients use as well. I’m hoping to learn a thing or two that might help me help my clients!

From the sounds of things we’re on the same page in terms of providing clients with their financial information in innovative and illuminating ways.

On an interesting side note, Bill links to Francine’s blog and labels it satire! Oh, if only.

8 thoughts on “Accounting gets a shot of adrenaline

  1. Neil, I saw that too about my blog being satire. I wish I could be less cynical and more “energized” but Bill and I must have had very different experiences the last twenty years. Maybe I should spend more time in Toronto! Aren’t you guys having a movie carnival or something right now?

  2. The last time I attended the festival, I was entertaining some local Jefferson Wells clients at the opening night gala – Femme Fatale. I was a little worried during the movie, as that film is quite racy. But the VPs of Internal Audit and their wives seemed to enjoy the change of pace and really boozed it up at the after party! Seeing Martin Scorsese in person was the highlight of my night.

  3. Hey Francine – I don’t know which of your posts I read when I made my blogroll. Sorry about the mis-characterization of your blog.

    I work with Jefferson Wells as well. Are you still with them?


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