BDO chooses blogging partner to head up international network

Jeremy Newman of BDO Stoy Hayward in the UK is a trailblazer as a managing partner who blogs regularly, primarily about the audit market in the UK. He’s recently won the job to be BDO International’s new CEO starting in October 2008.

Jeremy has been emphatic about getting the message out about audit choice and pushing BDO further into the market for large public company work.

A post he made about trusting people not to waste time on Facebook while at work, and being against the trend to ban it in workplaces, was quoted by yours truly in a post I made a short while ago that caused partners in my office sit up and take notice.

I wonder when others high up in accounting firms will join Jeremy and make blogging part of their regular routine. Communication skills are going to be key to his success in the new role, but judging by his blog, BDO will be in good hands.

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Accounting gets a shot of adrenaline

Bill Kennedy’s getting it done at Energized Accounting, a relatively new blog hosted by Google’s Blogger that so far has been host to some inspirational posts for me. The latest is all about a favourite topic of mine, data visualization:

If you want effective communications, you have to take responsibility for both the sending and the receiving of the message. You have to take into account how your stakeholders take in messages. Some people are just confused by spreadsheets.

Bill’s a CA and is from Toronto, making him a pretty cool guy right away. But his posts reveal his enthusiasm for helping his clients. He talks a lot about Microsoft Dynamics GP, which a lot of my clients use as well. I’m hoping to learn a thing or two that might help me help my clients!

From the sounds of things we’re on the same page in terms of providing clients with their financial information in innovative and illuminating ways.

On an interesting side note, Bill links to Francine’s blog and labels it satire! Oh, if only.

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Another one bites the dust?

MK Braaten is calling it quits and giving up making regular (or any, for the foreseeable future) posts on his conservative Canadian political blog.

I’ll always be grateful for his link to me (now broken), a fellow Canadian accountant. I always liked reading your blog, good luck in the future!