Spring has sprung for Canadian accountants

May 1 is a special day for Canadians of all types (since it’s the day after taxes are due here), but it’s very special for accountants who’ve spent the past few months first up to their necks in audits (there are many businesses that operate on a calendar year end) and followed that up with busy personal tax season.

But as of today, we’ve reached the other side of the bottleneck. The suns shines brighter today, the beer tastes better, and summer is not far away! I know this blog has been dim for a few weeks, with none of my usual thought-provoking industry commentary, but consider this post the signal of its rebirth!

8 thoughts on “Spring has sprung for Canadian accountants

  1. Cheers! I hear you on that~

    How did you guys manage this tax season? I’m still burnt out and need another day – and it’s May 3

    I was talking to a friend here in ‘Peg who was complaining about all the work his firm was doing .. in fact – he had to come to work before 8am to get things done! I asked him how late he worked .. and he told me – “they made me work until 6pm”

    Geesh .. when I was working in the CA firm in late ’90’s I was there until midnite every night in April and back at 7 in the morning! This year (on my own) I didn’t need to leave at midnite and most of the time just worked though the night anyway.

    The perils of working out of your home I guess! And benefits too. A power nap on the couch does wonders at times during the days :)

    See ya in my Bloglines~

  2. We must’ve managed OK, everyone survived! I was mainly busy with audits rather than personal taxes, but anytime I wasn’t up to my neck in audit work I had to switch to tax to fill in the “extra” time.

    I worked many evenings till 9-10pm, and sometimes worked from home till midnight. I don’t start early though, I’m not a morning person!

  3. Hello Neil,

    I wanted to share this joke with you that outlines how the Big 4 treat their employees. I found it on technorati.

    And the Big 4 are…

    * Ernst & Young = Dead & Young
    * PriceWaterhouseCoopers = Prices are everything, no water, no house, cope with us, cause we don’t care!!!
    * KPMG = Kill People More Gently
    * Deloitte & Touche = Delighted to kill our employees. TouchÄ—!!!


  4. I’m sorry, but those jokes are rather weak.

    I only say that because I’ve seen way funnier stuff out there. ;)

  5. Hi,
    I’ve been reading your blog and Krupo’s for the past few hours. I am going to start articling with an accounting firm on May 1, 2008. If the busy season ends on April, then what do accountants do during the summer? I am just worried that I’ll have nothing to do.
    Thanks for all the insights, btw.

  6. LOL, hey JC, don’t worry, there’s planning for the next busy season! :)

    That, and a LOT of people go on study leave in the summer. So if you’re not on study leave, you’re covering for people who are doing just that. Or covering for people on vacation.

    Or, if you’re actually lucky, you might be ‘sitting on the bench’, waiting for something to do. That depends on which company you work at and how successful they are at getting work in the ‘slow’ season.

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