Blogging is the new graduate school?

That’s the title of a post written by Ryan Healy for the Brazen Careerist blog. It’s an interesting concept, on that JobsintheMoney’s CareerWire blog picked up on as well: Blogging is a way to deal with the biggest problem at the beginning of one’s career: No expertise. If you offer intelligent opinions or advice on […]

What is the length of the ideal blog post?

Modern Life Is Rubbish is a cool blog written by Stuart Brown that seems to feature a never-ending flow of posts on topics of interest to bloggers and technophiles alike. The latest is titled “How Long is the Ideal Blog Post?” and details some interesting and no doubt time-consuming research the blogger did into blog […]

Are recruiters really using the internet?

A long time ago, before I bought this domain and set up this blog, I Googled myself to see what came up. What came up, was Neil McIntyre Photography, at It’s taken about a year, but I’m now the #1 result when you Google me. Great success! On a related note, I keep reading […]