Impossible to hide

A comment by Dennis Howlett in one of his recent posts forms my inspiration:

I can only ever be the judge of what I think might work in a situation where I have incomplete information. I could be completely wrong. But that’s where the blog metaphor makes such a positive difference. It is impossible to hide in a blog. You get caught out sooner or later.

He was talking about being asked to recommend someone for a job in tech PR, but the sentiment is pretty close to my feelings about this blog, which recently turned a year old and is going stronger than ever.

I’ve never tried to come off as much of an expert – I have some knowledge and I’m eager to share it with anyone who will listen. I’m nearly a full-fledged CA, but the designation means that I have to keep learning, not that I’m done.

That’s the great thing about blogging. You learn by writing, by sharing your thoughts and reading others.

Anyway, I guess that quote made me think about why I like this blog, what I get out of it, and why I’ve kept on with it for just over a year now. Here’s to the next year!

3 thoughts on “Impossible to hide

  1. Yeah, funny thing that ‘non-insiders’ should be aware of is that everyone must have a minimum standard of competence, but at the same time taht means that you have to be able to recognize what you don’t know and ask for help from more experienced experts if you, a young CA, encounter something you’re unfamiliar with.

    It’s almost like having a sense of humility is a prerequisite. ;)

  2. Krupo – Had to do this today when the client asked a question about personal tax. Passed it along to someone who knew the answer!

    Dennis – Thanks. Re-reading the post I can see it was a little cornball, but I liked what you’d said and it seemed to fit with how I was feeling about the blog. That and I realized I’d let the first year go by without one of those “1 year anniversary” posts!

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