Blogging is the new graduate school?

That’s the title of a post written by Ryan Healy for the Brazen Careerist blog. It’s an interesting concept, on that JobsintheMoney’s CareerWire blog picked up on as well:

Blogging is a way to deal with the biggest problem at the beginning of one’s career: No expertise. If you offer intelligent opinions or advice on a credible blog, then you are an expert. This is why more young people should blog. If you have a focused blog, then you can jump from job to job and learn many skills, but the constant will be that you are an expert in whatever area you choose to research and write about.

Plus, the more people who blog about a given subject, say, accounting, the better the conversations between bloggers. More interaction between blogs on the same topic raise the topic’s profile. I actively encourage any young accountant in particular to blog about their experiences, especially going through the UFE process.

7 thoughts on “Blogging is the new graduate school?

  1. I’m a grad student now? Sweet! That means I get to keep claiming student discounts, right?

    Where do I get my ISIC card? :)

  2. Well really going through the CA process is post-graduate studies. So we’ve already earned our post-grad “degree”. :)

  3. I can see where you’re coming from, but he already has a very good job. I was under the distinct impression that we were discussing this for fun rather than profit.

    But if you think there’s profit in this, then we might be able to start writing off the related costs from our taxes. :p

    I win! ;)

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