Using blogs as marketing tools

A while back, about a day or two after passing the UFE, I was approached to write a short editorial for The Bottom Line, a finance and accounting monthly, about how and why accountants and accounting firms should blog.

I sat down soon thereafter and punched out a short, authoritative screed extolling the virtues of embracing blogging. It was pretty cool to see my writing in print:

Blogging about accounting will allow you to keep up on the hot topics in the industry in a more meaningful way. In 2006, options backdating in the US and income trusts in Canada have been on the front burners of accountant blogs. Being able to weigh in on those topics with some credibility allows a blogger to have a level of influence that otherwise would go untapped.

So, how successful has my article been at spurring a Canadian accountant blogging renaissance? Probably not so much, since I haven’t heard of any new ones! Maybe they’re just waiting for busy season to be over before getting started. Yeah, that’s probably it.

Anyway, the full article is available.