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Now that’s a niche

There’s a particular blog that only discusses the idea that accounting firms, and indeed all professional services firms, should “trash the timesheet” and implement “value pricing.”

The basic concept is sound: Timesheets treat the chargeable hour as the measure of the firm’s services’ value, which distorts its true value to the client and further commoditizes the work we do. Value pricing looks at our services from the client’s point of view and tries to determine what the work is worth to them, and pricing to that.

But it just occurred to me that this blog has such a small niche. It’s a firm’s blog, and they’re definitely leading the charge for value pricing for professional services, but I can’t help but wonder if they’re eventually going to run out of stuff to blog about!


Clients are the best part of my job

Yesterday I posted about an article in BusinessWeek featuring an interesting interview with the head of campus recruiting for KPMG. I talked about their international exchange program. Today I’m going to talk about clients.

From the article:

We also tell them if you’re in audit, we go out to the client. So they’re going to be traveling to clients and they’re going to be working out of the client facility. They have to understand that they will be with clients every day and talking to clients, and they have to like that, vs. in tax, they do most of the work in the office.

This is basically my favourite part of my job. I’d much rather be at a client’s doing an audit (or anything, really) than be at the office. And we’ve got a great office. It’s just that much better at a client’s location.

I have one client that I started last year, whose audit is coming up in October. And the hours are insane, because there’s a tight deadline between year-end and the annual general meeting (AGM). But the employees are so wonderful to work with that I’m really looking forward to the job.

And this client isn’t the exception either. I’ve found in my still somewhat limited work experience that most clients are great to work with. No one seems miserable in their job, and no one seems to hate the auditor either! Maybe they just hide it well!

In what other job do you get to go into a different workplace every week or so, meeting new people and seeing and learning many different types of businesses from the inside out?


Mapping out my clients after a year in public practice

I have been playing around with Windows Live Local lately, Microsoft’s competition for Google Maps.

GTA map of audit clientsI decided to map all the clients where I’ve been in the last year with my firm. For the blue ones I just had to search for the business name, but the red ones represent clients that I had to manually search for their address and add them because they didn’t show up in a business name search for whatever reason.

I thought it was pretty interesting to see it all laid out there. One client in Waterloo, an inventory count at a location in Guelph, a client in Burlington, one in Brampton, Pickering and Vaughan, a few downtown Toronto, the rest in Mississauga, Etobicoke and North York.