Now that’s a niche

There’s a particular blog that only discusses the idea that accounting firms, and indeed all professional services firms, should “trash the timesheet” and implement “value pricing.” The basic concept is sound: Timesheets treat the chargeable hour as the measure of the firm’s services’ value, which distorts its true value to the client and further commoditizesContinue reading “Now that’s a niche”

Clients are the best part of my job

Yesterday I posted about an article in BusinessWeek featuring an interesting interview with the head of campus recruiting for KPMG. I talked about their international exchange program. Today I’m going to talk about clients. From the article: We also tell them if you’re in audit, we go out to the client. So they’re going toContinue reading “Clients are the best part of my job”

Mapping out my clients after a year in public practice

I have been playing around with Windows Live Local lately, Microsoft’s competition for Google Maps. I decided to map all the clients where I’ve been in the last year with my firm. For the blue ones I just had to search for the business name, but the red ones represent clients that I had toContinue reading “Mapping out my clients after a year in public practice”