Enterprise risk audit planning

Earlier this week I watched a webinar put on by the Audit Director Roundtable, a great resource for internal auditors, titled Enterprise Risk Audit Planning. If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen this: @neilmcintyre: IT problems for Audit Director Roundtable delay the start of the Enterprise Risk Audit Planning webinar The problemContinue reading “Enterprise risk audit planning”

Survey says: IA feeling the squeeze

A survey conducted at the recent Institute of Internal Auditors annual conference by Protiviti has revealed that â…” of IA professionals believe their department is under-resourced and therefore unable to adequately carry out their duties. Protiviti’s take is that due to increased expectations of the assurance Internal Audit can provide on an ever-widening spectrum ofContinue reading “Survey says: IA feeling the squeeze”

Continuous auditing

I wanted to draw your attention to an article that recently appeared on CFO.com about continuous auditing, mainly because the topic is one which is as misunderstood as it is trendy. Continuous auditing is generally held to be an automated approach. Increasingly it is assumed to mean examining all data relevant to the audit beingContinue reading “Continuous auditing”

Dueling perspectives on internal audit

A guest post by an intern in Internal Audit was recently featured on another accountant’s blog, I Want To Be A CA, and I was first alerted to it by Krupo’s post title bait. The post is not complimentary about internal audit, but the support for its thesis is so flimsy and based on purelyContinue reading “Dueling perspectives on internal audit”

Programming and auditing

A recent post on Coding Horror on pseudocode reminded me of my work as an internal auditor. You might think it’s strange that a blog post on a programming/development technique would make me think of auditing – well, you’re right. It is a little weird. But hear me out. Pseudocode is called that because it’sContinue reading “Programming and auditing”