UFE buddy for everyone

I got a mass email about a week ago from the person in my firm who runs the UFE prep program for our UFE writers. She wanted to know if any of the recipients, who were passers of the exam in recent years, would be willing to be a “UFE Buddy” to a 2007 writer.

This is not a new program in our firm – or others I would imagine – I had a UFE Buddy last year. The Buddy is there to provide general advice, mark cases and be a listening ear in what is generally a high-stress time in a prospective CA’s life.

My Buddy came through when I needed him last summer, when I was feeling stressed out and thought I’d already peaked several weeks before the exam. So naturally I jumped at the chance to be a Buddy for a co-worker just beginning their journey to CA-hood.

So far I haven’t heard back yet about who I’ll be Buddying up with. In our office we have about 7-10 people who could be writing if they pass the School of Accountancy in June, which is a quite a lot.

Which brings me to the point of this post (about time, I know). I receive a smattering of email from UFE candidates from across this huge country thanks to this very blog and my numerous posts from the last year on the topic, when I went through the process from start to finish. In that way, I kind of consider myself a UFE Buddy for everyone.

I’m always willing to give the straight dope on the process as someone who knows just how harrowing it is. So keep sending me your questions, I will do whatever possible to help you get through the most challenging exam you will ever write.

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  1. They’re e-mailing you instead of me? Excellent, less work on my end. ;)

    We do the UFE process mentor thing from start to finish – and my mentee already breezed through the CKE. Hurrah. :)

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