Back to work after passing the UFE

It was my first day back to work today after passing the UFE on Friday, and I have to say it was pretty much like last Thursday. New client, but one I was at last year around this time. I can’t say as I felt more competent than last week, although inside I felt more confident.

I guess that’s why the work experience requirement exists. You can only learn so much through the UFE study process, writing cases and studying the Handbook. With each new engagement you see different aspects of a business and there is always something that you haven’t seen before.

That being said, I sure learned a lot this past summer, and it was all worth it when the results came down on Friday. Having risen to the challenge of the UFE, I’m searching for the next one. Where does one go from here? I had a short-term goal, but had deferred thinking about anything long-term, partially out of superstition. I didn’t want to count my chicks before they’d hatched, but now that they’re out there, I need my trusty calculator!

Time is on my side, luckily. I still have at least 12 months to go before I can call myself a C.A. In the meantime, consider me looking for a new challenge.

5 thoughts on “Back to work after passing the UFE

  1. Congrats on passing the UFE.

    I think I understand where you are coming from re: what to do next in your life. I am on-track right now to write the 2007 UFE, and I have pretty much put everything else on my life on hold until then. I really can’t make any plans past Nov. 2007 until, as they say in the handbook, “the uncertainty is resolved”

  2. Having risen to the challenge of the UFE, I’m searching for the next one. Where does one go from here?

    haha .. Well – a few google ads on here, and you’re bound to be a success with potential earning as high as .. $1.20 per day .. or more! I mean .. just in case this “C.A.” thing doesn’t work out~


    Congrats on UFE results.

  3. It feels so great to come out of that holding pattern Harlequin, good luck next year. I assume you’re going to be writing the CKE this January?

    Hart – I doubt I’ll adorn this site with Google ads anytime soon (again). As you’ve alluded to, the earnings aren’t worth the impression they give visitors. I’m not doing this to make money – it’s my hobby!

  4. I, on the other hand, am happy to festoon my site with ads since they’re tastefully dominating and otherwise mostly empty sidebar anyway. ;)

    See, if it’s a business instead of a hobby, you may have tax-deductible expenses to claim.

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