UFE studying winds down

The UFE is next week – beginning September 12 and running for three days. I’ve spent the last four weeks straight writing, marking and debriefing cases, sometimes at home and sometimes at a library downtown with co-workers.

But really I’ve been preparing for this exam for the better part of the past year. My firm had us writing cases as far back as last fall, before last year’s UFE results were even out. It’s been quite a year.

The writing of cases is basically over now. There’s little to be gained at this point from writing a case, and one has to be careful not to blow their confidence this late in the game.

Write and bomb a case and you will go into the exam feeling dejected, like you’ve already failed. And you will likely be right.

So with that in mind, I’m going to spend the remaining few days before the UFE reviewing past cases I’ve written and the associated technical material.

This weekend I’m going to relax. My sister and nephew are having a birthday party on Friday. This likely won’t be the last blog post I make before the exam, but in case it is, thanks for being along for the ride.