Cell phones become mobile

I’ve been waiting for tomorrow for a long time. The rest of the country has been waiting for tomorrow for a long time. And that time has finally arrived.

Wireless number portability is now here.

Canada is finally catching up with the rest of the world and unshackling phone numbers from phone companies. My number is mine alone, and I’ll be taking it wherever I want!

I’ve already decided to switch. I’ve been with Bell for a couple years now, and although the plan I’m on is pretty good, the reception is often deplorable.

When I’m sitting at my desk at the office, on the 17th floor of a 17-storey building surrounded by no other taller or as-tall buildings, I lose calls within a few seconds of answering them every time. So I’m anxious to try another provider to see if their towers are more advantageously located.

Tomorrow will mark a momentous day for consumers in Canada. It has been a long time coming.


Toronto’s building wi-fi network downtown

It was not too long ago that I was writing about Chicago’s plans to blanket the city in wireless internet and wondering when Toronto would follow suit. Well apparently, it won’t be long:

Mayor David Miller will join Toronto Hydro executives on Tuesday to officially announce the initiative, which will be the largest of its kind ever undertaken in Canada and could undermine commercial product offerings from Rogers Wireless, Telus Mobility and Bell Mobility.

It should be available as early as this fall in the downtown core, of which I’m sure High Park isn’t a part. I don’t really need it in this neighborhood, but having it downtown should inevitably prove convenient.

Especially if you go to Ryerson and have frequent problems connecting to their network. I know someone who does!


Wireless internet theft affects us all

A story in the New York Times about your friendly neighborhood wireless thieves. I have to admit I’m guilty of this when I’m not at home, but it pretty much does serve you right if you don’t secure your network. Maybe municipal wi-fi will cut down on this “phenomenon”…

Edit: If only Twitter were invented when I wrote this “post”.