Ten principles of sound tax policy

The Tax Foundation’s Ten principles of sound tax policy are a must-read for those influencing tax policy. I think the list can be further refined down to about half that, but maybe they wanted to get an even ten. For instance, maintaining the neutrality of the system (#2) will result in broad bases (#3). It’s […]

Why the estate tax is a good thing

You can count on only two things in life – death and taxes. Actually, more like two and a half things, because there is also taxes upon death. The estate tax raises revenue by taxing the wealth people leave behind when they die. That’s a good thing. If we could, I would suggest only taxing […]

Abolish the property tax rant

Not mine, but that of historian John Steele Gordon (via Tax Foundation): In the 18th century, real property was probably the best measure available of a person’s ability to pay taxes. That’s because it generated income from farming or things like water mills, ship yards and stores. Only the very rich had residences on town […]

Buffett donates fortune to charity, is accused of avoiding estate tax

A few days ago, super-investor Warren Buffett announced he would be donating the majority of his considerable assets to Bill Gates’ Foundation, and he’s been rightly commended in the media for his generosity. But for some reason, the ordinarily smart-minded folks at the Tax Policy Foundation have a bone to pick with Buffett over his […]