Estate tax as income tax

I just finished reading an article recommended by Richard about the estate tax, titled “Death and taxes“. It appears in New Statesman, a UK magazine “created in 1913 with the aim of permeating the educated and influential classes with socialist ideas.” I’m glad I read the article in full before reading the magazine’s history, asContinue reading “Estate tax as income tax”

Why the estate tax is a good thing

You can count on only two things in life – death and taxes. Actually, more like two and a half things, because there is also taxes upon death. The estate tax raises revenue by taxing the wealth people leave behind when they die. That’s a good thing. If we could, I would suggest only taxingContinue reading “Why the estate tax is a good thing”

Buffett donates fortune to charity, is accused of avoiding estate tax

A few days ago, super-investor Warren Buffett announced he would be donating the majority of his considerable assets to Bill Gates’ Foundation, and he’s been rightly commended in the media for his generosity. But for some reason, the ordinarily smart-minded folks at the Tax Policy Foundation have a bone to pick with Buffett over hisContinue reading “Buffett donates fortune to charity, is accused of avoiding estate tax”