‘Tis the season for giving links

Dan Meyers of Tick Marks is caught up in the spirit of giving in his own way – he’s revisiting his special 12 Blogs of Christmas from last year around this time and giving us all a refresher on the more memorable posts from the accounting blogosphere from the year nearly ended. Since my blog […]

The [professional services] sky is falling!

If you’re into this sort of thing, you have probably noticed that about 95% of accounting related blogs are focused on the impending death of professional services firms, because of course all PS firms have lost the plot and have ceased to be useful to business. I can’t even link to all of the accounting […]

The CA Advantage: Marketing the profession

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in Canada has recently launched a new ad campaign extolling the virtues of the designation. The campaign shows CAs joining various sports teams and helping the team. The message: CAs can complement your business’ existing expertise. Here’s the copy from one of the print ads: Sometimes even great teams need […]

Clients are the best part of my job

Yesterday I posted about an article in BusinessWeek featuring an interesting interview with the head of campus recruiting for KPMG. I talked about their international exchange program. Today I’m going to talk about clients. From the article: We also tell them if you’re in audit, we go out to the client. So they’re going to […]