Go west! Or east, or north, or south!

One of the great things about this accounting profession I’m in is the multitude of opportunities available to travel and work abroad, given that many large firms here in Canada are international.

I was just reading an article in BusinessWeek about KPMG, where the head of campus recruiting was under the impression that their international exchange program was something that sets them apart from about a dozen other international firms.

I’m psyched about heading somewhere else to work for a little while eventually. For the time being I’ll be staying put, after all I don’t have my CA yet.

One of my seminar leaders at the School of Accountancy went to London for a year or so and had a blast. It was funny though, because he was Canadian for some reason they felt he was a perfect fit for their US GAAP clients, even though there are a ton of differences between Canadian GAAP and American standards.

In no particular order, here are where I’m most interested in going, when I get a chance:

  • Shanghai
  • London
  • New York
  • Berlin
  • Tokyo

In what other job you can get right out of university do you get this type of opportunity?