Hosting my email with Google

A little while back I realized that it might be worthwhile to direct all my blog-related email through an address, and leave my regular Gmail for personal correspondence.

I set up and began using it for blog business. But I’ve never liked using standalone email clients like Thunderbird or Outlook. I prefer web-based email, specifically Gmail.

Luckily, Google had recently busted out yet another new service: Hosted email. For those with domains, Google would host your mail for free once accepted into the beta program.

I applied for the program and only a few days later was provided with the required invite code to sign up. I’m using the Gmail Manager extension in Firefox to keep track of my regular Gmail account and my account.

Here is what the customized login screen looks like:

email hosted by Google GmailSince the readers of this blog are hip and “with it”, I don’t even need to extol the virtues of Gmail over the traditional mail organization systems found in Outlook et al. Suffice it to say, I’m loving Google’s hosted email service!

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