Financial statements using Flash

Are there any companies out there presenting their financial statements, or information derived from financial statement data, using Flash? I haven’t seen any, but if they’re out there, I’d like to. If you know of any, please let me know! I think it’d be a pretty engaging medium to use to communicate financial data toContinue reading “Financial statements using Flash”

Asset impairment and writedown leads to blogging abyss

I don’t often bother my readers with tidbits from my personal life unless it somehow converges with my professional life and I feel that it could be of some interest to others. I’m a big accounting geek, and as such I have a personal balance sheet in my head, where I employ some questionable accountingContinue reading “Asset impairment and writedown leads to blogging abyss”

Capital gains exemption limit increased to $750,000

As of March 19, 2007, the capital gains exemption has been increased to $750,000 from its previous $500,000 limit. This means that if you haven’t already taken advantage of the tax preferred treatment of capital gains on qualified small business shares, you should do so while the getting’s good. If you have already maxed outContinue reading “Capital gains exemption limit increased to $750,000”