Financial statements using Flash

Are there any companies out there presenting their financial statements, or information derived from financial statement data, using Flash?

I haven’t seen any, but if they’re out there, I’d like to. If you know of any, please let me know! I think it’d be a pretty engaging medium to use to communicate financial data to stakeholders. Might as well make it entertaining!

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  1. Hmmm, interesting idea. Perhaps flash isn’t the tool, but some sort of AJAX would be. Click on Capital Assets, and the note opens up. In some instances the leadsheet would even be appropriate. If I ever do Big Dan’s Caseware Killer, that would be a feature.

  2. A good old Google search turns up quite a few. I’m not sure if HTML comments will make it through, so feel free to markup my comments to make them more user-friendly. Here’s a listing of a few that came up (plenty more were available though).

    Visually appealing, yet doesn’t seem to increase the user experience that much

    Mercury Insurance
    The 2006 report looks gaudy and very unimpressive

    While visually appealing, this would be more at home during a presentation to shareholders.

    And last, but not least, an article that talks about Microsoft’s utter failure in using Flash in for their financials this year.

  3. I completely forgot about this when I commented last night, but the SEC is expected to give a preliminary hearing requiring the top 500 companies to file their reports using XBRL (Extensible Business Reporting Language). There is a portal already prepared for this, and it includes over 12,000 samples, but you do have to register to view the samples. This seems like its more of what you’re looking for, as opposed to Flash.

  4. I should really proofread before I post comments.

    *”The SEC is expected to give a preliminary _ruling_”

  5. Sounds like I should’ve done a little research before throwing out my “new idea”. :)

    Thanks for all the great examples of companies that are using Flash to present their financial information!

  6. I’d run across a few 10k’s that were adapted to Flash for mere visual appeal, but your post made me go looking for and find some companies that actually attempt to create a useful interface out of it. Learning more about XBRL in the process was a bonus as well.

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