Asset impairment and writedown leads to blogging abyss

I don’t often bother my readers with tidbits from my personal life unless it somehow converges with my professional life and I feel that it could be of some interest to others.

I’m a big accounting geek, and as such I have a personal balance sheet in my head, where I employ some questionable accounting policies to account for my daily life. Expenditures related to my girlfriend had been capitalized up until January 20th, as they had a future benefit to me. On January 20th, I had to write down that massive asset to zero, as its entire value was impaired utterly and completely.

In the following weeks I had no motivation to blog or do anything really, so that is why it has been so long since my last post. I’m feeling better now though, and I’ll hopefully be back regularly as per the usual routine.

4 thoughts on “Asset impairment and writedown leads to blogging abyss

  1. Sorry to hear about your writedown. I know I have always been told with depreciable assets it is often better to lease than to buy. You get the use of the asset while its in its best shape, and trade it in for a more productive assets when the productive capacity of the first asset declines. I however strongly recommend you stay away from short term rentals.
    Keep your head up.

  2. My dad tells a story about why he married my mom… He says she was the kind of a girl who had to have a steak sandwich, not a hamburger, when he took her out for lunch. Needless to say, after a while he thought he had to marry her since he had such a big investment in this woman. They’ve been married 47 years, but I wouldn’t recommend that logic to anyone else. What do they say about “sunk costs?” Learn how to walk away…

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