A little help for the transition to IFRS

A while ago I received an email informing me of a newsletter available for Canadian accounting professionals detailing the transition from Canadian GAAP to international standards, IFRS.

The newsletter is provided by The Finance Group, headed up by Gordon Heard, CA, and all three issues to date are available for download (in PDF format).

The site is a solid resource for IFRS materials produced by the AcSB, Canada’s Accounting Standards Board, and the CICA as well.

2 thoughts on “A little help for the transition to IFRS

  1. We have two sister concerns in two countries.we have entered in a lease arrangements for property in one country (say USA) with the financial institution whereas the property exists in other country (say UAE)

    How we will recognize the trasactions in the books of accounts & made the discloure in th financial statements as per IFRS?

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