Interview for a job, get paid

A blog I follow, JobsintheMoney’s CareerWire, has drawn my attention to a very interesting site, especially for in-demand professionals such as accountants.

The site is called NotchUp and allows employers to pay to interview job candidates who otherwise wouldn’t be looking for a new job.

Associated Press has the lowdown:

How it works: You plug in your industry, job, pay and experience into a calculator on the site to help you set your pay for an interview. (NotchUp recommends a range between $200 and $500.) Then you submit your profile to the site.

If a hiring company is interested in you, it deposits the money with NotchUp and talks to you. If you seem like a real, engaged candidate, NotchUp will transfer the money to your PayPal account once the interview is over.

Interesting twist on the usual way things are done, and potentially a great way for employers to snatch up quality candidates. No mention of course on whether accounting firms are using the service yet, but it’s probably only a matter of time.

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