Foreign acquisitions and the FCPA

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, a publication dedicated to legal issues relevant to corporate lawyers, recently interviewed Alfredo Avila, Assistant General Counsel at Monsanto about how they approach FCPA compliance for acquisitions. Monsanto recently acquired a US-based company with a Turkish subsidiary, and found during the due diligence the sub had made inappropriate payments to TurkishContinue reading “Foreign acquisitions and the FCPA”

FIN 48, auditor confidentiality, and increasing the minimum wage

Since the last one went so well, and since there have been many posts this week on my fellow accountant blogs that I’d like to highlight, here’s another quick round-up of three interesting nuggets: Dan Meyer of Tick Marks talks about a new standard in the US called FIN 48, which requires companies making assumptionsContinue reading “FIN 48, auditor confidentiality, and increasing the minimum wage”

Simpler corporate income tax filing requirements

An agreement reached between the Canadian Federal government and the provincial Ontario government will simplify corporate taxes by 2009. The Ontario tax return, known as the CT23, will be amalgamated with the Federal return. Ontario Finance Minister Greg Sorbara had this on the much-lauded move: “Businesses have been asking us to reduce administrative overlap andContinue reading “Simpler corporate income tax filing requirements”