Today I am a CA

Got the email from the ICAO this afternoon at about 4:30. I was accepted as a member (i.e. a Chartered Accountant) on the March 24 committee meeting!

So, with that, my blog has no purpose. It all began shortly after I passed the CKE in early 2006, and you’ve been following my journey down the path to this point in my career.

It feels pretty great though. Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to celebrate.

8 thoughts on “Today I am a CA

  1. Woo – congratulations! The “blog has no purpose” line is probably an example of your rich humour, though – just look at your “about” box!
    “I’m interested in the future of the profession and how technology is changing the way accountants do their job.”

    In addition to that, if anything, you’re building your “personal brand”, to use that horribly cliched term, and have a sufficiently decent readership to encourage you to keep sharing the path you’re on.

  2. “I’m a CA, a real CA!”

    WTG Neil – Excellent news, sounds like a few G&T’s are in order!! Enjoy the celebration.

  3. Congratulations, Neil! This is a tremendous accomplishment. Now, time to take on the world in our spare time.

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