Work-life balance: Laptops on holiday

Work-life balance is a topic that comes up frequently in the accounting profession. Robert Half, a recruiting company, surveys accountants occasionally.

38% of accountants take the office with them on holiday in the form of either a laptop or handheld computer. The research also found that 34% of accountants globally admit to working in the evenings, while 37% respond to e-mails and take phone calls in the evening when they have pressing deadlines.

  • I left everything when I went on vacation last month. No laptops, and the phone was off the entire time!
  • Working in the evenings is a given during busy season and sometimes necessary at other times.
  • I respond to emails if I happen to check my work address, but that doesn’t happen regularly at this time of year (see above).

I may have left the computers at home because I was worried about potential surges and didn’t want to buy a protector. But I definitely cut the cord to the office. Generally you aren’t taking vacation if it is a busy time, though.

I was reading and responding to email earlier this afternoon (Sunday!) because I happened to check. It didn’t really feel like work, and certainly not burdensome. It all depends on the current workload. If I was writing this post in March, it might sound different!


Back from Punta Cana

Wow, it’s been a while! I can’t say as I’ve missed this thing since I last posted about two weeks ago; I have been in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, enjoying a much deserved vacation. Best of all, I was able to use a travel voucher that BDO gave me for passing the UFE last year to pay for the trip for both me and my girlfriend Christine!

The trip was amazing. We stayed at Barcelo Premium Resort and when we weren’t enjoying the white sand beaches, we visited the capital city Santo Domingo and snorkeled with stingrays and nurse sharks at the Marinarium! I miss it so much, it has been so hard going back to work this week.

I’ll have a full set of photos from the trip on my Flickr as soon as I can find the time, but for now you can see the pics on Christine’s Facebook. If you’re a friend of mine you can see my pics since she’s tagged me in them. And if you’re not my friend, add me.

The travel voucher was a pretty sweet perk for passing the hardest exam of my life, and I was glad to finally take advantage of it. Not to be too booster about it, but I haven’t heard of any of my friends at other firms receiving something like that.


First vacation from work

I started working nearly a full year and 8 months ago and have yet to experience the joy of a vacation from work that wasn’t full of studying for some exam. I took this week off work to get my Christmas shopping done and enjoy some time off from work. Blog posting may be infrequent.