Microsoft invites Firefox developers to test for Vista

Microsoft has invited the Firefox guys up to Redmond to test Firefox and Thunderbird on Vista to ensure compatibility. The move isn’t entirely unexpected, after all, Firefox has been steadily eating into Internet Explorer’s market share ever since it was released.

It isn’t a wholly benevolent move, however. Microsoft is making sure all the big applications run smoothly on Vista because if they don’t, people won’t upgrade from XP. Microsoft is seeking out big developers now in a big effort to get all the major programs tested.

Previously Microsoft had focused exlusively on commercial developers but Sam Ramji, Director of the Open Source Software Lab at Microsoft posted on the newsgroup in an effort to get the ball rolling.


Materiality in auditing

Materiality is a concept in auditing that attempts to set a dollar value guideline for the scope of evidence testing at the substantive level, analytical procedures, and to a lesser extent, controls testing.

According to Krupo:

“Materiality is the smallest misstatement of a company’s finances that would cause a person to change how they value the entity in question.”

That sums it up nicely. It’s really based on what’s important to someone with a stake in the financial health of the entity.

For audits of for-profit companies, materiality is usually based on a percentage of revenues or income (pre-tax). 1-2% of revenues or 5-10% of net income is the benchmark. In non-profit organizations, materiality is usually 1-2% of expenditures.