Weekend reading

Small Is Essential At 37signals, a company with just eight employees whose Web-based collaboration software is used by thousands of small businesses, there isn’t time to sit around a conference room sipping latte and deconstructing memos. Come to think of it, there isn’t even a company conference room. There are just a couple of cubicles,Continue reading “Weekend reading”

Scots tout principles in the Big Apple

The Scotsman: The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland will tell high-powered US financiers at a conference in New York that individual judgment should play a bigger role than strict adherence to a rule book. Ah, this old classic. Once again the rules-based US system is coming under attack by external sources, this time fromContinue reading “Scots tout principles in the Big Apple”

Accountant convicted over hit on client

In Sydney, Australia, an accountant was convicted of hiring a hitman to kill a client who he had stolen almost $84,000 from. He had failed to remit those amounts to the government for taxes owed by the victim. The motive was, unsurprisingly, to “stop Mr Williams from bringing the fraud to light.” This is prettyContinue reading “Accountant convicted over hit on client”

Depicting Waste Management fraud to enhance understanding

Dan Meyer’s blog, Tick Marks, has directed me to an interesting section of The Focal Point’s website, highlighting the work it did in helping the prosecution of the fraud case of the former head of Waste Management, James Koenig. The Focal Point is a company that makes “all forms of courtroom presentations more persuasive byContinue reading “Depicting Waste Management fraud to enhance understanding”

How to prevent the fake supplier fraud

Fraud. The very word strikes fear in the hearts of good men and women around the globe. Fraud can take down a company, fraud can destroy shareholder wealth, and fraud can make you very, very rich. Just kidding about the last one. Eventually, if you are committing a fraud, you will get caught. Sooner orContinue reading “How to prevent the fake supplier fraud”