Accountant convicted over hit on client

HitmanIn Sydney, Australia, an accountant was convicted of hiring a hitman to kill a client who he had stolen almost $84,000 from. He had failed to remit those amounts to the government for taxes owed by the victim. The motive was, unsurprisingly, to “stop Mr Williams from bringing the fraud to light.”

This is pretty crazy stuff. Seems like a tragically low amount of money to get someone killed over. I mean, how much do you pay a hitman to do the job? $10-20K? He was convicted of the fraud as well.

Here’s a New Zealander that spread $300,000 across over 80 different clients – an average of $3,750 per client. Diversifying the revenue streams allowed the enterprising chap to make much more than $84K.

Regardless, the old maxim is still holding: If you’re committing a fraud, you will get caught. Then you’ll have to decide if you want to contract the killing of the person who caught you or just face the music.