Mystery payments at Canadian construction company

This is interesting: An internal review at Canadian construction company SNC-Lavalin of certain payments approved by the CEO has resulted in that executive’s departure from the company. The payments in question were approved directly by the CEO after the CFO rejected them. Documentation was apparently sketchy, as the review revealed that the projects they wereContinue reading “Mystery payments at Canadian construction company”

IT audit training for me this week

This week I have a small reprieve from my duties as auditor, as I’m taking part in a training course put on by the firm at the Hilton. The training is related to the internal Information Systems specialization the firm offers, which will allow me to get more experience working with IS at clients andContinue reading “IT audit training for me this week”

How to prevent the fake supplier fraud

Fraud. The very word strikes fear in the hearts of good men and women around the globe. Fraud can take down a company, fraud can destroy shareholder wealth, and fraud can make you very, very rich. Just kidding about the last one. Eventually, if you are committing a fraud, you will get caught. Sooner orContinue reading “How to prevent the fake supplier fraud”