Most Chartered Accountants want interesting work above all

A recent CICA members survey has revealed what matters most to the Canadian Chartered Accountants who answer member surveys, and the August issue of CA Magazine highlights those findings:

Chartered accountants want work that is interesting and challenging, but only if it leaves them enough time to have a life.

Those are the results of a recent CICA member’s survey on workplace priorities, with 86% of CAs rating interesting work as “very important” and all respondents rating it as at least somewhat important. In addition, 20% ranked it as their top priority.

Retention of talented young CAs is a pressing issue facing all firms, as the demand for our services increases and opportunities outside the audit profession abound as the Canadian economy rolls along. Firms should make sure they are consistently challenging the brightest and best staff they have.

3 thoughts on “Most Chartered Accountants want interesting work above all

  1. Retention of young qualified CA’s is equally a problem in Australia.

    I wonder whether there are opportunities for young accountants (or old ones semi-retired, for that matter) to work seasonally between countries? When is the peak season for auditors? when for tax and compliance work?

  2. Actually, yes. Large firms offer secondments. Smaller ones allow staff to swap between affiliate/network firms in that way.

    The main downside, of course, is double busy-season, though.

    I just did a triple busy season, though, so it’s not *that* bad. [twitch]

  3. Norman – The peak season generally is January through April here. What is it in Australia? I would guess the same since the calendar year end seems to be a popular one.

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