4 thoughts on “Financial statements as high-tech, informative entertainment

  1. Well, they’re starting to recruit with USB sticks, so it’s probably just down teh road, if not happening already.

  2. How are they recruiting with USB sticks? Just giving them away I guess? Or do they have interactive presentations on them as well?

  3. Giving them away – some information on the disk, and you get to keep it after the fact, to do with what you want.

    I wonder if it says “recruiting” or anything like that on them? I picture this scenario where student loses stick and someone picks it up and thinks they found secret accounting info… only to find a recruiting presentation and a university student’s mp3s and pix.

    Anyway, it’s a sure sign that the cost of those suckers has plummeted in recent times, eh?

  4. Yeah my firm’s already given me a couple of them at various training events. The first one stopped working about three months after getting it though.

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