Building and rebuilding in the GTA

The Toronto Star has two stories on their front page today about development in Toronto and the surrounding area worth noting.

The West Don Lands development is a community being built over derelict industrial buildings east of downtown. And Vaughan’s proposed corporate centre and downtown is an idea that is seeing the light of day because of the recently announced TTC expansion into the city.

These are exciting developments to me for different reasons.

The downtown residential and commercial Don Lands project appeals to me because it’s reclaiming some prime land that has gone unused for too long in a great location, and it’s the first step to truly revitalizing Toronto’s waterfront.

I’m excited about the Vaughan idea because it just means more business in the area, and more business is good for the economy. It remains to be seen, however, if Vaughan is willing or able to make the necessary investments in public infrastructure.

2 thoughts on “Building and rebuilding in the GTA

  1. I wonder if the entire Subway decision isn’t mainly driven by the Liberal friendship / partnership with Vaughan area developers (does Greg Sorbara ring a bell).
    Don’t forget the lines for the Greenbelt were drawn around sites owned by Vaughan area developers.

  2. That’s an interesting point actually. Are you saying the Greenbelt should’ve included Vaughan?

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