Auditor, noun: an accountant with a grudge

From Lickspittle Shite-a-bed comes this very funny “history” of auditors, including this gem:

Stocktaking is a strange version of foreplay perculiar to auditors. The audit pack will arrive at an industrial premises at 6am in the morning and demand to know how many widgets they have. The auditors will then spend many happy hours counting the widgets and comparing their results to the figures on the company stock system. The more unexpected discrepancies that they find, the more sexually aroused they become. If at the end of the day they conclude that the company has been overstating their widgets, they will spontaneously orgasm en masse and begin to practice their double-entry by way of celebration. It doesn’t have to be widgets, it could be grains of sand. So long as its something which there is absolutely no value in counting, it will do the trick.

Simply hilarious. Have a great weekend, busy season is nearly over!

(Via Accman.)

5 thoughts on “Auditor, noun: an accountant with a grudge

  1. I can’t believe you’ve never had to do an inventory count! I’d be jealous if I weren’t so enraged! ;)

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