Accounting is prestigious

A recent Harris Poll has concluded that 47% of Americans see accounting as having “considerable to great” prestige, and another 40% of the population attributing “some prestige” to the profession. Although it isn’t clear whether you have to have a professional designation to be considered prestigious.

Firefighters, doctors and nurses are in the lead with a lot more respondents (63, 58, and 55% respectively) giving those jobs great prestige ratings. I guess that doesn’t really surprise me.

Dan at Tick Marks alerted me to the survey, and he’s got a good point: “The medium-low prestige rating may reduce the number of teenagers considering accounting as a career choice.” Friggin’ teenagers.

2 thoughts on “Accounting is prestigious

  1. Reminds me of one of our prep instructors – the tax instructor, of course – talking about how your friends and relatives never ask you about advice on assurance, but won’t stop when it comes to asking you about taxes…. not really directly related to prestige, except in the sense of what people care about when you’re in this field…

  2. That’s true… Maybe that’s why people decide to specialize in tax – to feel useful. Because I can’t think of any other viable reason to focus on tax!

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