UN auditors will examine North Korean program

I love hearing about unique jobs that could be open to me in the future, and this is one such job.

The United Nations has a Board of Auditors that audits UN programs and reports along similar lines to a regular financial statement audit. The Board consists of three members from UN countries, rotating one out and a new one in every two years. The chairmanship is currently held by the Philippines, and France and South Africa round out the trio.

Canada has had two turns on the Board, but none in the past 27 years. In other words, none since before I was born.

A story in Accountancy Age reports that the UN auditors will examine spending under the UN Development Program in North Korea, because the US has alleged it has allowed millions of dollars to be funneled to Kim Jong Il’s utterly despicable regime.

A spokesperson for UN secretary-general Ban Ki-moon said the audit would initially focus on UNDP spending in North Korea and would then be expanded to other UN agencies.

This dovetails quite nicely with an earlier post I made about auditing charities. Being involved with an organization whose goal is to improve the lives of the less fortunate is rewarding in a way auditing for-profit companies can’t match.

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