The exam is over, time to study

Ever finish an exam and then decide to study? Me neither, until the UFE came along.

Don’t get me wrong, I studied (hard) before writing the exam too. I wrote every case from the past three years’ UFEs, and some more after that. But now I want to study the ones from the 2006 UFE.

The UFE is pretty unique amongst professional exams, as far as my limited knowledge is concerned, in that the results are available in significant detail. The “answers” to the “questions” come in the form of the Evaluation Guide.

(What I mean by the UFE’s uniqueness is that a friend recently wrote – and passed – the bar exam and I was surprised to hear how shrouded in secrecy the entire thing is.)

The Guide begins by explaining the marking process and makes some general comments about the responses received. It then delves into each case in great detail and provides a highly competent response to all the issues in the case, as well as commenting on where candidates went wrong and what they did right.

Now that I know I passed, I want to see what the Board of Evaluators has to say about the exam I wrote. I want to see what I did right and what I missed. It won’t be easy since I won’t have my official response to look at – it was encrypted immediately after I was finished each day and isn’t returned to writers.

Unfortunately, the Guide to the 2006 UFE won’t come out till late February or early March 2007, which I find a little strange since the content of the Guide is basically already set in stone. What I mean is they can’t go back and fail someone if they change their minds about a certain indicator, so why can’t the Guide be published sooner? Why doesn’t it come out on results day?

I await its publication with bated breath. Once it’s out, it’s back to studying for me!

2 thoughts on “The exam is over, time to study

  1. Neil, you surprised me for a moment – I thought you were about to announce that the “Board of Evalutaors comments” had been released.

    Then I realized that you wrote a teaser post – damnit! ;)

    I assume the fact that people are appealing their marks may have something to do with it – especially since the release date coincides roughly with the time that the appeal cycle completes itself.

    I felt like trying to get some uber-geek friends to break the encryption on the exam files, but it doesn’t feel like it’s worth the hassle. Plus, I took pretty detailed notes on the exam paper itself, which we kept – among many other things.

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