New Jersey legislates tax on iTunes downloads

New Jersey residents have been hit by their government with a 7% tax on iTunes downloads (as well as other music download services such as Napster) this past week. The sales tax overall was raised from 6 to 7% in order to help the state fight their $4.5-billion deficit. Many are speculating that other statesContinue reading “New Jersey legislates tax on iTunes downloads”

Accounting change results in magic surplus for Ontario government

Sometimes when I’m looking for inspiration for a blog post I’ll scan the news sites for mentions of accounting, in the hopes that there’ll be some new development I can write about. Unfortunately, in accounting, new developments aren’t frequent and usually are pretty boring. It’s the nature of the beast. So when I found thisContinue reading “Accounting change results in magic surplus for Ontario government”

Pressure to decrease gas taxes is misguided

Inevitably when the price of gas rises, drivers cry foul and the call comes to governments to alleviate the pain, in the form of reducing taxes on gas. However, the idea that governments should lower taxes on gas in response to globally increasing demand outstripping an increasingly unstable supply is a misguided approach that treatsContinue reading “Pressure to decrease gas taxes is misguided”

Keep the income tax cuts, ditch the GST cut

I read in the Star yesterday that the income tax cuts enacted by the Liberals before their fall from power and effective January 1, 2006 may be kept by the Conservative government, which has all along threatened to reinstate them to make room for their GST cut. I have always been in favor of incomeContinue reading “Keep the income tax cuts, ditch the GST cut”

Alcatel buying Lucent for $13.5 billion

The French telecom company Alcatel is buying Lucent in what is reported to be a $13.5 billion acquisition made to improve R&D capabilities in both organizations. Lucent’s CEO, Patricia Russo, doesn’t speak French but will become the new CEO of the Paris-based giant. I wonder how well that’s going to work out. It will beContinue reading “Alcatel buying Lucent for $13.5 billion”