Now that’s a severance package!

Departing Senior VP and General Counsel Timothy Stevens of Borland Software has worked a deal whereby he gets to keep the “Company-issued laptop computer, monitor, printer and docking station used by Executive prior to the Separation Date together with the related loaded software, accessories and power cords.”

If I left my firm I wouldn’t want to keep the laptop! My personal laptop is so much better, faster and newer! Of course I’m just a junior so I get the old equipment. Partners and senior managers have nice stuff.

Good thing that dude remembered the power cords though… Can you imagine him getting home with his kit and then just realizing he had to go out and buy a power cord with his paltry $130,000 severance payment?

6 thoughts on “Now that’s a severance package!

  1. That reminds me, our Thinkpads are due for an upgrade later this year. [Yay!]

    They seem to be pretty egalitarian about hardware at work – probably mostly b/c there’s so many of us there wouldn’t be enough to do hand-me-downs anyway.

  2. The Dell notebook I’ve got used to be our managing partner’s. I’m assuming he’s got a sweet new one. Around the beginning of busy season this year we got a shipment of new ones but I wasn’t lucky enough to get one. *sigh*

  3. Surely there’s a reason he would go out of his way to ensure that he gets to keep the computer. Right? It says that he was General Counsel as well as Senior VP, so there are probably a few sensitive legal documents that he would like to keep his hands on. Well, at least one would hope that there’s a rational reason for this!

  4. That’s a good point. I see two possibilities:

    1. The company’s sensitive documents – Why does he still need them? Should he still have them?
    2. His personal sensitive documents – Is it a good idea for him to be keeping sensitive personal stuff on his work computer? I certainly don’t!

  5. His personal files should definitely be segregated; and the firm would definitely want to wipe that harddrive clean before sending him packing with it. I forsee trouble. ;)

  6. Yeah it’s hard to believe that he could leave with anything still on the HD… And I wonder about the software – is it still covered under the company’s volume license? Of course there’s probably no problem with his Borland software, but what about the non-Borland stuff? There sure are a lot of issues involved with this thing…

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