Google spreadsheet app will not catch on

According to Om Malik, Google is rumored to be coming out with an online spreadsheet application tomorrow, but I don’t think it’s going to have much of an impact.

Why? Well, in my experience at least, everything I do in Excel is with data that I don’t want anyone, even Google (imagine that), to have a look at. 99% of the time I’m working with confidential client data, and the other 1% of the time I’m working with my own data that might as well be confidential!

I might be the exception, but I doubt it.

Why would a company like Google, who has in the past been so focused on the user, be ignoring spreadsheet users’ needs as it develops its spreadsheet product? Here’s CNET’s take on it as well: They seem to be psyched about the possibility of putting their confidential data in Google’s hands for some reason.

Maybe I’m missing something.

8 thoughts on “Google spreadsheet app will not catch on

  1. You, are a professional. You deal with serious stuff. Plus, you work for a firm that will pay for your software.

    Many don’t have the software, don’t track anything more complicated or secret than their car’s maintenance records, and may not even have their own computer (so it’s a boon to someone relying on public terminals, like those found in a public library).

  2. Yeah I guess, but I was even thinking about my personal spreadsheets. Budgets and stuff like that. I keep track of my car’s mileage too in a spreadsheet – I guess I wouldn’t mind storing and editing that on Google’s servers. I suppose it could work, but it isn’t going to replace Excel unless they make a stand-alone version like it.

  3. Without knowing anything about the proposed spreadsheet application beyond what was covered in the article, I have to agree with you, Neil. I can’t imagine wanting to share (online) any of the data that I ordinarily keep in my spreadsheets.

  4. I myself wouldn’t use it, my post was mainly in response to your final words, “Maybe I’m missing something.”

    Perhaps the audience they’re gunning for isn’t large enough to be economical, but that’s another issue altogether.

  5. I’ve started to come around on the Google spreadsheet idea… I’m convinced they know that users like me aren’t going to have much use for it professionally, but I’ve read their site and they seem focused on the sharing aspect, which seems promising. In any case I’ve signed up for the beta so here’s hoping I get in! :)

  6. I got into the beta and checked it out briefly today. I’ll get more into it sometime soon and post some kind of review.

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